Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goodbye Old Studio, Hello New Studio!

All moved out - My old studio at the Arches
Corridors at the Arches Studios
New Studio at the Sorting Office
New Studio - Still unpacking!
My Sunny Window & My Cutting Table!
It has been a long few days of shifting, lifting boxes and furniture but I'm finally moved into my new studio at the Sorting Office Studios Eastleigh, Hampshire.

It is a complete change from my previous space at the Arches Studios in Southampton. The Arches is based under a road bridge in Southampton City centre; it is a fantastic creative space –although windows are few, the soothing rumble of cars overhead is one of its great charms! It has been a fantastic place and I am very sad to leave my extended family down there. But times change, business practices progress and sometimes things move on.

The Arches was a great incubator space for my business – it gave me the freedom to expand and grow in ways I could not have done working from home. As residents have come and gone, the friendships have blossomed and I have to admit that I have made friends for life through being there. Over the last few years I have moved 8 miles out of the city and the grind of the commute into Southampton in the morning was becoming more and more frustrating; so much so that I was getting to the Arches at 7:30am, just to beat the traffic.

It has been a long time coming but I'm finally moved into the Sorting Office. It has been a long journey and glad I held on to be able to become one of the very first residents. It is an amazing 5 min drive from my house and on warmer days, I'm planning on walking in.

It is based in the old Eastleigh Royal Mail Sorting Office; behind the shops off Market Street. It is light, airy and for the first time I have a studio with a window and natural daylight. The rumble of cars overhead has been replaced by birdsong, the beeps of reversing good vehicles and the sound of the frequent planes landing at Eastleigh Airport. I'm in love. I can't wait to watch the 'big tree' outside my window blossom and bloom with the changing seasons.

The new residents are all amazing and so far, all women! We are all finding our communal feet and I am looking forward to featuring them on this blog and the amazing stuff we achieve. Our first Open Day will be in June 2013 – so along with my wedding, June will be an exciting month. Watch this space for dates and time, and please pop in for a nosey around.

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