Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ones to Watch: Christina Hamilton & Eleanor Bolton

After seeing these two emerging designers at London Fashion Week in February 2012; I locked them away in my memory, as I know they will be destined for big things!

Christina Hamilton
Saddlery led Accessories Designer

These new innovative designs are perfect for today's cyclist and a good way to incorporate style and functionality.
Copyright Christina Hamilton
Copyright Christina Hamilton
More information on her current collections can be found at :showtime.arts.ac.uk/christina


Eleanor Bolton
Accessories Designer

Her accessories at first glance appear heavy. However, the materials and the techniques of coiling and stitching rope together allow the accessories to be light weight and wearable.

Copyright Eleanor Bolton

Copyright Eleanor Bolton

Copyright Eleanor Bolton
More on Eleanor's designs can be found at www.eleanorbolton.com or why not pop over and say Hello via Facebook www.facebook.com/EleanorBoltonJewellery

Sophie (LRD Blogger)

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