Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flights of Fancy

OOooo... What is this package on my doorstep??

Woo hooo... they've arrived! My amazing set of handpressed cards from Tangerine Dreams Creative! They are so beautiful. The set contains 5 fab exclusive cards designed and printed by Clare Guille, the creative brains behind the brand.

All Designs are copyight of Tangerine Dreams Creative

There are many sets of cards available on the wesbite; pop over and have a look at the shop.

It was difficult for me to pick my favourites but since the weather has been so sunny, I decided that it had to be the exotic Flamingos!

Within the set there are five different coloured cards, each one with a different coloured image on it.

They would make a lovely gift for someone. But this set is all mine!

Now I just need to send them and spread the joy around.

Thanks Tangerine Dreams Creative for making these lovely items!

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