Friday, November 01, 2013

Six month design Sabbatical - A break for Little Red Designs

Phew... It's been a busy year!
It is an exciting time for me at the moment - 2013 has certainly been the year of change. In order of how they happened:
  • I was accepted as one of the residents of the amazing new Sorting Office studios in Eastleigh
  • I got engaged
  • I won a year long Talent Developement Bursary funding by Aspace and Arts Council
  • I got married
  • Two weeks ago I got my long hair cut to a rather fab choppy chin length bob and finally...
  • I've decided to take a six months sabbatical from Little Red Designs
Six months Sabbatical
Yes, it is time for a wee break from LRD. This decision has taken 10 months to reach and it wasn't taken lightly; I love Little Red Designs and making beautiful things from leather, but the reality is that:

1. My passion is surface design, pattern and illustration,
2. And more frequently, Little Red Designs has stopped being about 'design' and I have become more of a small scale manufacturer.

New Design Challenges and Projects
So, until April 2014 I am persuing new design challenges and directions. Since winning the Talent Developement Bursary in April 2013, I have been working flatout to improve and renew my design skills and build a super portfolio of surface designs. It has been so exciting; I've attended amazing courses (including at the London College of Fashion), been to Indigo design show in Paris, bought software and hardware, met amazing contacts and received great mentoring. My goal is to get an agent and sell my surface designs to buyers and manufactures.

Time is so precious, it was becoming clear that with Christmas rush on the horizon, something had to give - I needed some time away from Little Red Designs to finish the work required for the bursary.

So, this is not the end, just the break that I was desperately seeking to clear my head and make room for new creative projects that excite and inspire me.

What's in Store for LRD
I will be having a small selection of pieces available on Little Red Designs's shop, but once they are gone, they will not be replenished during the sabbatical.

Christmas Open Studio Event 
Also, I'm excited to confirm that my studio is having a Christmas Open Studio event on 23 November 2013 (11am - 7pm) and I would love to see you there. I'll be selling my last few limited edition LRD pieces - so do come along to snap them up as Christmas presents.

I will be showcasing also my new wallpaper and textile designs. There will be some of my new prints available for sale and chance to have a chat about everything that is going on with me and my new design work!

Thank you!
I just want to say 'Thank you' for your support over the last 8 years - Little Red Designs would not have taken me on this amazing journey without the support of all of you.

I'll still be around...
I'll be posting on Facebook and my blog with news about my new exciting adventures over the next 6 months! Keep in Touch!

Lots of Love


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