Monday, February 13, 2012

Calling Card...

I have been exchanging quite a few business cards recently at Networking events, and it has got me thinking about how they represent you and your business. I'm always impressed with the time and effort people put into their designs. I have to admit that although I recently redesigned the Little Red Designs card, I am thinking about new alternatives that will help me to stand out from the crowd.

So although the search for the perfect business card it still ongoing, here are some amazing ones that either I have found in my internet trawls or have actually received in person...  I'd love to hear which ones are your favourites...

The Golden ticket
Amazing handpressed Stationery, handmade in Hamphire by
Tangerine Dreams Creative ~ Bespoke Stationery Design 


The Confetti Business Card

Logo designed by Natalia Anderson. Full Blog article can be read here


The Round Card 
Handpressed by 
PRINTandGRAIN   on Etsy

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Catherine Wright said...

I know Numbers 1 & 3!