Monday, August 22, 2011

Missed My Open Studio?

Click image to enlarge!

If you missed my Open Studio event at the weekend; never fear as I have a photo of my studio space. In the photo it is all clean & tidy for the Open Studio event, it is usually a bit messier than this, but only a bit. I really can't work when i am tripping over things.

The space at the back has my cutting table; it is the 'messy' area for cutting, gluing and printing my purses.

The front area is where I have my desk and I do all my sewing. It is cleaner and nicer , and if I am not sewing out here, I am checking emails and blogging!

Well, there you are. This photo makes you feel like you are really there!

See you all next year at the Open Studio!


P.S Thanks to SooBird for the heads up about Pixlr O-Matic! I just LOVE it!

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