Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spike Island Open Weekend

It was my first trip to Bristol yesterday to visit Spike Island, a amazing collective of studio and exhibition spaces for the creative talent in the area. It was another crazy, up early, long travelling, road trip Saturday for me... Last week Liberty in London, this week Spike Island! Phew!! I'm just glad it is a bank holiday weekend here in the UK and i have an extra day off work to recover.

Spike Island is really amazing, with fantastic studio spaces and a hive of artisitic-ness all around. I was really impressed by the Spike Print Studio and the facilities available; as screen printing is something i am itching to rediscover.

The Sculpture studios put on a rather great village fete area. There was cake and tea served from china cups and saucers, and an outdoor seating area with gingham table cloths; all served by two rather jolly ladies (really men in womens clothes, aprons, hair nets, and rather interesting makeup!) This is me enjoying a slice of apple crumble cake! Yum Yum!!...

The trip was really inspiring and it was great to chat to a mix of sculptors, painters and textile artists about their work...
  • I particularly liked the crocheted pieces by Elin Thomas... check out her esty shop here.
  • And the illustrations by Hannah Waldron. I bought one of her cute owl finger puppet badges. Check out her website here and the finger puppet badges are available here
There is also a great cateen that does yummy noodle boxes £4, so if you are ever in the area, it would be a great place to spot for lunch.

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ELINtm said...

Hi Alice! was a great weekend, loads of useful feedback and good chats.
Top tip! I have a studio there and didn't even know about the noodleboxes!! Elinx :)