Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Leather iPhone® Cosies

Little Red has just launched a new product; iPhone Cosies!! So now you can have a Little Red accessory for your iPhone or iPod, and you can see the starting range here. I will be building on the collection slowly, as i plan to make one that matches each of my new leather bags.

Copyright Little Red 2009

They measures 9cm x 13cm and fit the iPod Classic®, iPod Touch®, iPhone® and O2 Xda® personal computers. I'm sure it fits many other phones and PDAs, and i will update the list as it grows.

It has a loop on the back for your belt, and it will also protect your iphone when it rattles around in your bag, so no more scratchy screens. Personally, I can't live without mine! As i can slip onto my belt and listen to my music as I stoll along ... Nothing like a bit of self promotion, i say :-)

The cosy featured below is made of beautifully soft turquoise deer skin, and features a punchwork heart which lights up when your iPhone screen glows... Ahhh... Check them out here.

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